F10 rear a/c vent and panel

image F10 rear a/c vent damaged from the customers dog,,,so I’m Mr nice guy and going to replace it for the customer,,,the F10 is an easier to remove then the F02,E70,E90.image So you take a plastic wedge and put it behind and slowly and evenly applied pressure,,,move the plastic wedge from top to bottom until you get the clips to pop,,,then go to the other side and do the same thing.image Once you have it off,,,there are only a couple of electrical connector to disconnect,,,then you just unscrew the a/c vent from the rear,,,it’s that easy.

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2 Responses to F10 rear a/c vent and panel

  1. SD BMW says:

    Thanks for the great posting. The one of vent wing is broken on mine. Does the part come with the whole assembly along with the other parts or can I just replace the grille only?


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