F10 rear a/c vent and panel

image F10 rear a/c vent damaged from the customers dog,,,so I’m Mr nice guy and going to replace it for the customer,,,the F10 is an easier to remove then the F02,E70,E90.image So you take a plastic wedge and put it behind and slowly and evenly applied pressure,,,move the plastic wedge from top to bottom until you get the clips to pop,,,then go to the other side and do the same thing.image Once you have it off,,,there are only a couple of electrical connector to disconnect,,,then you just unscrew the a/c vent from the rear,,,it’s that easy.

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6 Responses to F10 rear a/c vent and panel

  1. SD BMW says:

    Thanks for the great posting. The one of vent wing is broken on mine. Does the part come with the whole assembly along with the other parts or can I just replace the grille only?


  2. BMW US says:

    Hello BMW tech
    Got an E92 328i. The problem I have is that the A/C some times takes a long time to get cold after starting the car. I know it is normal to wait a few minutes but it takes a lot longer than my other cars. After a while it will eventually get cold. However I noticed that my 2 Hondas are much colder and takes a lot less time to get cold. Any idea what I should do? I tried filling the A/C with the bottles and gauges you get at the auto store that you connect to the low pressure line. It reads full on low pressure side according to the cheap little gauge.


    • There’s a couple of thing it could be,,,,is the front engine fan coming on when you turn on the a/c,,,,,,also the correct way to check for problem is to check both the high and low side pressure at the same time to see what the problem is and to make sure you have the correct amount of freeon in the system,,,,if you have to much freeon it could cause problem


  3. Denny says:

    Hi bmwtechinician, tried to look for solution but couldn’t find. My A/C blows somewhat cold but doesn’t stay cold throughout the cabin. I refilled with A/C Pro and it was already in the green range. After refilling I notice when my a/c is on my car is making vibration (think cell phone on vibrate) noise that you can feel on the steering wheel/hear. Can this be my compressor needing replacement? Do I need more refrigerant? This is a 2013 bmw x3 28i. Also, I was unfortunate enough to run into the the timing chain issue and had the engine replaced (by bmw thankfully). Could this be related? Just want to gauge what is the issue with my car if I should take to an independent shop or to BMW. Thanks in advance!


    • I would go to a bmw independent shop and you need them to check the freeon level and the a/c pressure high and low and also make sure the engine fan is coming on when the a/c compressor is on because that will make the a/c colder and will change the low side pressure.


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