F32 radio buttons

image Ok I know I have talked about this before,,,but that was on a F30,,,,,this is on a new F32 428i,,,the radio buttons are still cracking.image You would think BMW would straighten this out,,,,or use a different supplier,,,,I don’t know why this only happen on certain models,,,not on the 5,6,or 7 series,,,,don’t worry it’s covered under BMW warranty,,,it’s an easy  fix,,,just pop it out and snap new one in,,,,no software issues.

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4 Responses to F32 radio buttons

  1. kr4va says:

    yea, anybody around bmw’s are sick of their plastic problems, its just looks like inferior materials or there is a lot of what is known as regrind put back into the mold process that make the plastic unstable, its all about part cost !!!
    at 90k miles i just waiting for my plastic valve cover to crack


  2. Faiq says:

    Whats the code for the replacement buttons… Thanks


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