E90 dmtl pump wiring

image Sorry guys I know it’s been awhile since I last posted something,,,,I had to take my mandatory vacation time before the end of the year,,,,so I haven’t been at work for a couple of weeks,,,here’s  a pain in the ass,,,,E90 check engine light on,,,,dmtl faults inop,,,dmtl heater inop,,,,performed test plan,,,test failed,,,check power and ground 4.8 volts good,,,,replaced dmtl pump,,,,check the next day,,,check engine light came back on,,,same faults,,,checked power and ground wires ok,,,check signal wire none,,,checked heater wiring none,,,,traced wiring,,,,removed right rear wheel and wheel well cover,,,,look what I found,,,,broken wiring harness,,,,good times,,,,the funny thing is the power and ground wiring did not get damaged,,,just the other wires,,,,what are the chances that the power and ground wiring are ok,,,,,welcome back to work.

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2 Responses to E90 dmtl pump wiring

  1. Amit sekhon says:

    Thanks for posting!! How did it get damaged?Something hit the wiring or rat chew?


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