F10 rear sunshade

image Yes the beautiful rear seat removal,,,,,F10 rear sunshade was stuck in the up position,,,,yes I was able to force it down,,,,but the next time I used it ,,,,,it just got stuck again,,,,so to replace the rear sunshade the whole rear seat has to come out and you remove the whole rear parcel shelf cover as one piece.image Here the whole parcel shelf removed,,,this is the underside,,,,you can see the whole sunshade and motor,,,also the rear speakers were removed at the same time.image And here is the top view that we all see everyday.image Now to remove the rear sunshade,,,,you have to remove both end clip that lock the sunshade into place on the parcel shelf,,,,these are a pain in the ass if you don’t know how to remove them,,,,almost everyone breaks them the first time when doing this job.image This is what it looks like after the clips are removed,,,,you can also see the metal lip that the sunshade slides into,,,,this also can fight you when you put the new back on.image Here are both the clips,,,you can see that little Z tab,,,,that’s what breaks sometime,,,that has to go into a slot in the sunshade,,,,which locks it in to place.

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2 Responses to F10 rear sunshade

  1. bogdan Isarie says:

    Hello, how you were able to force it down? Also you have to remove the corner trim pieces as well to remove that?


    • Have someone push the switch while you push down the sunshade,,,,don’t push to hard,,,when you say the corner pieces are you talking about c-piller on the by the rear glass yes you remove them if you are removing the rear sun shade,,,,there are 3 hidden screws inside the rear trunk area that help hold down the rear trunk parcel shelf cover and sunshade


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