N20 intake valve

image Ok this is an interesting one,,,,N20 about 30k miles,,,,engine making noise internally,,,,and misfires on cylinder 2 only,,,checked the spark plugs and the ignition coil were ok,,,,no signs of oil burning or fuel soaking,,,if you look at the tip of the valve is missing.image The complete tip of the valve is broken,,,the other have is still stuck in the valve spring with the keepers for the valve.image I was wondering if the valve seat or the valve guide had dropped,,,there were no signs of damage to the cylinder head.image Here is where the valve dropped and hit the top of the piston,,,,you can see the shines spot in the valve pocket where it hit,,,,the bottom line BMW had us replace the whole engine.

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12 Responses to N20 intake valve

  1. F30ed says:

    This one is ugly. I hope it will stay as a single case.


  2. kr4va says:

    broke at 9000 rpm?


  3. concerned says:

    Is the car tuned, e.g. BMS, Dinan piggyback?


  4. george says:

    Hi, I have a question not fully related to this issue. So recently I had to replace oil pump and oil pump chain on bmw n20. The oil was fully drained from the engine. How much oil should go in after the full drain? Replacement capacity is 5l as far as I know.


  5. SD BMW says:

    I’m also surprised with the carbon build up with 30k miles of engine.


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