F10 or F02 rear differential bushing

  • image Another fine German bushing going bad ,,,,if you have been around German car for a long time,,,,you would understand about their suspension bushings going bad after a period of time,,,,this is the rear differential bushing on a F10 or F2 they are the same,,,,,you can see how the bushing is cracked.image This is a picture of the rear subframe,,,here I am pulling the bushing out of the rear subframe with a special tool.image And this is me pulling the bushing out the other side,,,you have to drop the exhaust system and lower the rear differential to get this bushing out,,,once you pull the old bushing out,,,then we use the same tool and push the new bushing back into the rear subframe,,,,these bushing are a common thing to crack,,,there are no signs while driving that the bushing is cracked.
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13 Responses to F10 or F02 rear differential bushing

  1. Keith says:

    How much would an independent shop charge to replace?
    The DEALER good guy price was $750.


  2. Craig Brickner says:

    Have you ever found the two nuts on the rear diff ears (and exhaust hangers) to loosen themselves? Just bought a used 550GT and they were both almost off the bolt loose.


  3. Jason says:

    So looking at this it seems that you drop the exhaust and then unbolt the diff just lowering it enough to get the tool in place. Is that it or do you need to drop the drive shaft and pull axles etc.?


    • Yes you drop the exhaust and just unbolt the rear diff and lower it,,,,the rear diff isn’t going anywhere with the axles still connected to the diff,,,,,you should have just enough room to replace the bushing,,,,do not disconnect the driveshaft.


  4. Charles says:

    I just noticed just one crack on the F10 535i. Don’t notice any signs or symptoms aside from the crack. Should I leave it or wait until more sections crack?

    It sounds like dealers don’t recommend replacment until 2 or more ribs have cracked.


  5. Sali says:

    Have you video to cange


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