N55 vanos bolt broken

image Do you notice anything wrong in this picture,,,take a closer look at the intake vanos unit,,,,the intake vanos unit not sitting straight,,,,car got towed in from an auto body shop,,,engine won’t start,,,,engine turned over ,,,,but no start,,,,I noticed when cranking the engine,,,,the engine spun kind of fast,,,,like there was no compression.image You can see the vanos not sitting straight ,,,,and the vanos bolt is sticking out.image Heres the vanos bolt,,,notice the bolt threads are missing,,,the rest of the bolt is stuck inside the intake camshaft,,,,so during the accident the oil cooler got damaged,,,,and all the oil ran out of the engine while it was running,,,so the first thing to go was the intake camshaft locked up inside the cylinder head,,,,breaking away the vanos bolt,,,,I was unable to turn the intake camshaft inside the head.,,,time for a new engine if the insurance company buys it.

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