N63 alternator,,,battery discharge

image Welcome to the jungle of shit,,,,yes the beautiful mess of wiring and hoses under that engine cover on a N63,,,,customer said battery discharge light was on,,,,some other dealer replaced the battery and didn’t register the battery to the car,,,,so I check fault and found the alternator not charging,,,,the alternator lost the BSD signal,,,,if you look closely you can see the alternator buried under everything.image First things first disconnect the battery please,,,,we don’t want any sparks flying under the hood before the 4th of July,,,,So you have to remove the small turbo coolant tank,,,and then the belt,,,,I also remove both turbo charge hoses,,,just so I have some more room to grab things and move things around.image Now you unbolt the 4 bolts that hold down the alternator,,,,you then start to disconnect the alternator cables,,,,now the fuel line and harness that go over the alternator are a pain in the ass,,,,,unbolt the 2 small 8 mm nuts that hold down the fuel line,,,,swing away the fuel line brackets,,,now lift up on the bracket that lies on top of the alternator.image Here you can see you can pretty much lift that bracket out while pulling the alternator out,,,reminder when putting the alternator back in there is a cooling duct for the alternator,,,the alternator should be sitting on top of it when n you bolt the alternator down,,,,,take your time when putting the new alternator back in.

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7 Responses to N63 alternator,,,battery discharge

  1. kr4va says:

    jolly good! .. i mean dang mess


  2. 328i says:

    Hello bmwtechnician, I have a question about batteries. I have an E92 and I think the battery is going bad. Can I change the battery myself and not have it reprogrammed? What happens if I don’t reprogram after changing the battery?


    • Yes you can replace the battery yourself,,,,not registering the battery could cause some weird battery issue faults in car,,,if the car doesn’t know that there is a new battery in it,,,but it will not cause any running or driving issues with your car,,,,it just there to update your cars brain that it has a new battery


      • 328i says:

        A local BMW shop told me by not registering my battery I will destroy my new battery and alternator. Is this true? I thought the computer was suppsoed to recognize the voltage regardless if I register it or not.


      • You now how many cars I have seen without the battery being registered,,,,,I have yet to see any damage to the alternator or battery life,,,it does help the car recognize that there is a fresh battery in the car and resets any under voltage faults or problems due to voltage,,,,it’s a good thing to register the battery but it’s not a must do type of thing


  3. I changed my turbo bypass hose and I also changed the coolant thermostat by the radiator (thanks for the instructions by the way on the bypass hose; it was a pain but I have no leaks and good vacuum). I got some coolant on the belt when pulling out the sensor. Will that burn off, or do I need to replace the belt?


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