G12 instrument cluster blank

image This picture sucks I know,,,,but this is a picture of a G12 instrument cluster,,,the problem is that the engine is running and nothing comes on,,,,the whole instrument cluster is blank,,,only during the start up does the parking,abs,DSC,and check engine light is on.image There not much to the instrument cluster,,,there are only 2 connectors,,,,1 is a coaxial cable and another 1 a normal connection.image When removing the instrument cluster,,,,you have to remove the wood trim panels with the a/c vents,,,,nothing to special just a couple hidden screws on the side.image Also the instrument cluster trim piece has to be removed,,,,the piece also includes the trim piece above the steering column,,,this is a new design for BMW,,,,this piece is a typical over engineered piece of trim.image Here’s the underside of this trim piece,,,,the steering column piece slides and tilts all in one,,,just don’t break this piece while removing from the dash,,,,the problem with the instrument cluster is internal,,,,I guess BMW is having problems with the instrument cluster.

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2 Responses to G12 instrument cluster blank

  1. Arthur Franks says:

    I have a 2016 328i f30 seems like the instrument cluster is drawing on the battery starts when jumped left it running 45 minutes turned off won’t start


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