E89 Z4 convertible top harness

image Let the fun begin,,,,E89 Z4 with hard top convertible,,,,the convertible top stopped working,,,,so I had to open the rear trunk with the computer and release the hydraulic pump pressure,,,,so I can move the top panels,,,to gain access to the top harness and hydraulic lines,,,you have to remove all the rear trunk panels.image Next to the battery is the hydraulic pump and relay,,,the new harness  comes with new hydraulic line,,,,so I also have to bleed all the lines once the job is done.image So the best way to get to most of the harness was to stack the two panels on top of each other,,,,since I released all the pressure in the system,,,I can manual move each panel to gain access to the wiring harness and lines,,,which run on both sides of the convertible top.

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2 Responses to E89 Z4 convertible top harness

  1. Tyler says:

    I need to replace my harness – where’s the rest of this post? Please help.


    • Sorry that all ,,,,that was such a big job and a pain in the ass I just gave a brief idea what this job was about,,,,,and to get pictures wasn’t easy,,,,the best thing I can tell you when removing the harness and hydraulic lines you should follow in with the new one right behind it,,,,so you follow the same routing path.,,,,take pictures or video of the layout of everything,,,I can tell you there is no repair manuals from BMW on this job,,,,they didn’t even know how much to pay me because there was no labor operation on this job.


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