X3 snow chains damage

image This is what not to do when putting on snow chains,,,this is a X3 rear parking brake harness to the right rear brake actuators,,,,which is bolted on the rear brake caliper on the newer cars,,,,,I guess the customer went to the mountains to the new snow in the mountains,,,,and the highway patrol still made the customer put on snow chains on a 4×4 car.image So I guess the customer didn’t put on the snow chain correctly ,,,,and the chain cut though the right rear parking brake harness,,,,the left side was ok,,,,they out that one on correctly.image Here the real lucky part of the story,,,,there was more damage,,,,the left rear brake sensor got damaged no big deal,,,,but the left rear brake hose got damaged real bad,,,,they we’re lucky it didn’t get completely cut and leak brake fluid causing no brakes in the mountain snowy roads,,,,,I can’t believe the hose didn’t start leaking,,,,reminder out your snow chains on correctly it could cost someone life.

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