F10 foggy headlight

image This was kind of strange,,,are body shop just put 2 new headlight in this F10 due to a front end collision ,,,,after the body shop was done,,,it came to us for some maintenance work before we return it back to the customer,,,well with all the rain in California lately the left headlight was all fogged in.image Also the left headlight was acting weird,,,the parking lights were not working sometimes,,,,so I removed the headlight and removed all the headlight modules,,,,and this is what I found,,,,water got inside and on the headlight module.image You can see for some reason water got past the seal on the module,,,,I thought the body shop didn’t put the headlight back together correctly,,,,but everything was ok,,,none of the seals were pinched or damaged,,,there must have been a defect in the headlight that we couldn’t see.

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  1. Justin Calland says:

    “our body shop”

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