F10 airbag

image Here’s an update on that F10 with the driver’s side airbags deployed,,,,this is the back side of the drivers airbag,,,notice how the connectors are melted ,,,also notice the color of the metal,,,see how it has changed colors,,,it’s normally shine metal color not brown rusted color.image I always think this is funny,,,,we ship the airbag in a steel cage,,,,and then we clip it on a steering wheel and drive around all day.image This is the drivers knee bolster airbag,,,agin the metal has discolor.image Here the new one,,,see how shiney the metal is.image Here the driver’s side head airbag installed,,,,see how small and confined the airbag is to fit under the headliner,,,,but remember when deployed the airbag drops down about 2 ft.

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3 Responses to F10 airbag

  1. lasnier says:

    bonjours ,je cherche a acheter des cages a airbag idem photo 2 pour une association merci de me contacter a luc.lasnier@orange.fr


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