Z8 styling

image Look what rolled into my stall,,,,that’s a good thing when you are an old tech,,,,you get to work on some nice older cars like this.image Just looking at the car front and rear,,,the lines and styling of this car does not get old.image This is BMW first car for a start push button,,,you turned the key on and push the button to start,,,,you use the key to shut off.image The interior is still clean and basic to look at,,,but still has a lot of class and styling,,,,also has that muscle feel with the stick shift .

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2 Responses to Z8 styling

  1. scott wilson says:

    i like how in ksd there is no labor ops for that car..all work time..i was one of the few guys to work on them…love this website..15 year dealer bmw master tech here,spent last ten at euro shop syill doing bmws,this page helps me to stay current,donation to come soon my friend,keep it up


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