F10 N55 in tank fuel pump

image Ok I know I have shown pictures of in tank fuel pump,,,,but this is a differ ten case,,,,,F10  with N55 check engine light on,,,,faults low fuel pressure,,,,fuel pressure stuck were the faults ,,,,car had no power also ran rough and idle was low and also long crank,,,,,this repair is for only in tank fuel pump before 10/2013image Here I’m removing the old fuel pump,,,,there is a lot to remove or stuff into this small opening when removing or replacing the in tank fu pump.image The only visual different is the connector on the new fuel pump has a plastic connector ,,,,,not like the original fuel pump has the wires exposed,,,,now the reason for replacing the fuel pump is for the faults ,,,,what is happening is the fuel is foaming up inside the fuel tank,,,,after replacing the fuel pump I have to program the car and do a conversion on the fuel pressure,,,,the conversion changes the in tank fuel pump fuel pressure from 5.2 bar up to 5.8 bar.

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