M4 S55 spark plugs

image Here M4 S55 engine,,,,I already have the engine cover and right side air filter top off,,,,I have to replace the spark plugs,,,,the job looks to be a pain in the butt,,,,not really.image You have to remove this torque bolt for the bank 1 charge pipe,,,,,do not drop this bolt,,,,this is a very special bolt,,,,you will understand once you remove it and see what I’m talking about.image Here the same torque bolt for bank 2,,,,I also removed the intake boot which was in the way,,,,the intake boot was real easy to remove,,,,it was only held in place with a 10mm bolt.,,,,you just have to loosen the hose clamps on the intercooler.image Now since you have both charge pipes removed you can see the ignition coils,,,,cylinders 1 through 4 are real easy,,,,cylinder 5  is a little harder,,,,cylinder 6 is a very tight fit,,,,,you just have to find the right size extension socket and swivel  to fit in cylinder 6,,,,this job is good it pays me 3 hour.

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11 Responses to M4 S55 spark plugs

  1. Eric Tingle says:

    Do you remove the metal brace in the back or leave it place for cylinder 6?


  2. Eric Tingle says:

    Thanks, I’m going to make a donation.


  3. JC says:

    My N55 is rapidly approaching 60k mile spark plug interval. I have a question about the ignition coils. Q: How often does the boot tear upon removal?

    I know the interval for the coil packs is 100k miles, but I really don’t want to get stuck with a inoperable vehicle while I wait have delivered 6 coil packs just because I tore the boot on one.

    Thanks in advance


  4. Northwest says:

    Hello Andreas. I have a 2011 328i. N51 motor. BMW says to change the plugs every 60K miles. What do you recommend? Thanks!


  5. Spencer Chan says:

    How often you have to replace the spark plug on 2015 BMW M4


  6. Spencer Chan says:

    How often to change the 2015 M4 F82 S55 spark plug

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