F30 interior blower motor noisey

ok this is a F30 interior blower noise,,,only happens at high speed,,,,the low fan speed no noise,,,,,so I removed the blower motor to see what’s going on.image Well look what I found,,,,some stupid little piece of paper got stuck in the fan blades,,,removed the piece of paper noise gone,,,removing the blower motor is real easy,,,under the passengers kick panel and removed 4 little torque head screws,,,,and it falls out.

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2 Responses to F30 interior blower motor noisey

  1. Learner says:

    Hi, I got this fault where I hear a sound from the interior fan vent area / near CD player (it sounds a bit like a very busy Computer laptop’s fan running) which occurs after powering off the car, lasts for nearly 5 mins. Is this normal for a 3 series (F30) and have you come across a fault like this ? I sometimes hear the sound before turning on the car as well. I got a fault code from the dealer: CD0487 which relates to a heating and air conditioning malfunction, it requires investigation by the dealer. Thanks


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