G12 seat fans noisey

image Ok I know what the hell is this,,,this is G12 drivers seat bottom frame,,,,,customer complained about a noise when the seat fans are on,,,,you see the round circle cut into the aluminum shielding,,,that’s were the fan was digging into the frame.image Here you can see it digging into two other places.image Here the bottom of the seat cushion,,,,you can see where the fan on the left was hitting the seat frame.image So as you can see there are 4 seat fans for the bottom,,,BMW has us replace the seat cushion,,,,and then we remove the aluminum shielding rom the seat frame,,,,that should give enough clearance so the fans don’t rub anymore.

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2 Responses to G12 seat fans noisey

  1. How hard was this seat to take apart? I have these options
    456 Comfort Seats, Electric. Adjustable
    488 Lumbar Support Driver/front Passenger
    494 Seat Heating F Driver/front Passenger
    and the lumbar seat heater element is bad (the sides and set bottom heat up, but not the middle of the back part).
    I suspect that this is just a broken wire in the heater, but it isn’t clear how easy it is to take the seats apart to diagnose it.


    • The seats are very difficult to take apart,,,if you not careful you can break the plastic seat trim pieces,,,,or tear the leather upholstery.,,,,you would have to find the wiring for the heated seat mat and perform a ohm reading on the seat mat to see if it is bad.


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