G12 wrong engine cover

image This was interesting,,,,I had to do a oil service on a new G12 750,,,,you see the one cover with the twist off cover for the oil drain plug,,,,but there’s no twist off cover for the oil filter ,,,,,you can see the print out for it,,,,but it’s like they forgot to cut it for the cover,,,,,lolimage you can see the oil filter right above the cover with no hole to gain access for the oil filter,,,,I think the BMW factory screwed up the lower engine cover is for a G12 740 with the N55 engine,,,,,on that engine the oil filter is on top and I don’t need that hole open,,,,this is a factory screw up.

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2 Responses to G12 wrong engine cover

  1. kr4va says:

    prob more out there unless it was off line replacement and they got the incorrect eng.


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