M3 rear suspension damage

image I know nothing special here,,,this is what your rear suspension should look like on a 2016 M3,,,everything looks good and straight.image You have big problems is your rear suspension arms look like this,,,,,lol,,,,this is not a good sign,,,,I am impressed with how far it can bend before it breaks,,,,that’s some pretty strong material .image Here you can see the rear knuckle is damaged and the outer cv joint is also damaged,,,,we will find out later if the rear differential is damaged inside from the left rear axle being pushed into the differential.image Here the left rear wheel,,,,there really no major damage just the scratches,,,,,looks like somebody lost control of there car with all this rain we have been having in California .

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3 Responses to M3 rear suspension damage

  1. BMW Enthusiast says:

    Hello BMW tech. I have a 2011 328i coupe. I was working on my car today and I accidently put a jack stand on my lower control arm and let all the weight of the car go on it. I lift it back up immediately but I am worried. Do you think I bent the control arm?


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