F10 waterpump removal

image I know no big deal,,,,a stupid picture of a water pump ,,,,this is the first time I have to replace one on a F10 N55 engine.image There alittle more work to remove the waterpump on a F10,,,,you have to unbolt the sway bar and let it hang down.image The big difference is that you have to un bolt the electric steering rack,,,,the reason you have to do that is there is not enough room to pull the waterpump out,,,,when you lower the steering rack that gives you enough room to slide the waterpump out,,,,you still keep the steering shaft bolted,,,,do not un bolt the steering shaft,,,there is no need to.

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6 Responses to F10 waterpump removal

  1. bmw535blog says:

    Thanks a lot for your help!

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  2. sandman says:

    Thanks! Is there a different approach needed for the XDrive version?


  3. Charles says:

    Is there any additional steps for Dynamic Drive cars? Is there enough slack in the hydraulic hoses for the sway bars that it will hang down far enough?

    I already have my radiator fan removed and plan on swapping the thermostat also- I wonder if I can unbolt the water pump and hoses and pull it out through the top rather than messing with the sway bars and steering box.


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