Window glass adjusting

 Ok I had to replace the door actuator on a 550GT and when you do that you have to remove the door glass and unbolt the window regulator,,,,when that happens the window has to be adjusted again,,,,as you can see the window is out of adjustment. Here are some of the tools needed to remove and to adjust the window regulator and glass. You have to remove the outside door glass lower trim to gain access to the 2 adjusting star wheels,,,,the star wheel adjust the up and down on the window glass. Here is the other star wheel adjuster,,,the star wheel adjuster is also which bolts the window glass to the window regulator,,,,so when you tighten down the star wheels do not tighten them to tight because you can break the window glass. Here the other tool which adjust the in and out of the window glass,,,,I don’t know if you can see inside the socket is a torque adjuster,,,,so this tool loosen and tightens the adjuster and the torque helps you move the glass in or out en you tighten. Here you can see this tool goes inside of the car door,,,the whole job is done by feel. Ok here is the final test to see how good you are,,,,if you really good you use a $100 dollar bill,,,,lol,,,,,here you take a dollar bill and close the door on it,,,,hopefully it doesn’t tear it,,,now you slide the money up and down and also there should be some tension on the money,,,,,it should slide nice and smoothly,,,,now if you can’t pull the money out then the window is to tight against the door seal,,,there should be some resistance  but not to much that it tears the money or that it just slides out without no resistance.

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4 Responses to Window glass adjusting

  1. Sam says:

    So wasn’t quite sure where the correct forum was to ask this question but figure it would be best on a glass article! So I have a 2013 BMW F25 that I recently tinted with Llumar film. I had the rear defroster burn through a few of the lines in the tint. Curious if replacing the window and retinting would be okay or if there are other issues that should be checked with wiring, relays, etc.


  2. Craig Brickner says:

    Just had a new window reg put in my 550GT and had o take it back in for window alignment. Thought this was my car but the dats off by 2 weeks. Thanks for sharing!


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