F30 N55 intake charge pipe

 What are the chances,,,I was working on a couple of different cars and both of them were 2014 3 series with N55,,,,both have them had check engine lights on ,,,,both of them had identical faults air mass rich and lean faults ,,,intake pressure low and some misfires. As you can see both of them the intake charge pipe cracked and broke causing the check engine light to come on,,,mileage both of them were over 60k miles,,,,,this is a easy fix,,,, except you have to remove that a/c hose that is in the way,,,,,the hose is easy to remove,,,,you just have to evacuate and recharge the a/c system.

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4 Responses to F30 N55 intake charge pipe

  1. Rich says:

    I don’t understand why BMW uses plastic parts here and in other places that are known to break. Does increase in starting sticker price of a few hundred dollars really matter to make these parts more reliable? It would actually help BMW’s image to not have parts like this that are know to fail. Even on M cars, for example on prior gen M3’s plastic throttle actuator gears would fail. Does a hundred dollars on sticker price of M3 really matter to make these gears aluminum instead? I’d like to hear what goes on behind closed doors at BMW’s marketing division.


  2. Rich says:

    Do cost pressures have do with Euro’s decline against dollar in recent years making imports into Germany more expensive? What is meant by “recycle materials”, plastic can be remolded? I know it’s cheaper to make plastic parts from a mold vs. CNC machine or cast for aluminum. But it seems that a minor increase in cost would be worth reliability trade off in case of charge pipe.


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