Front driveshaft design

Ok this is nothing special,,,but it’s a new design,,,this is a new transfer case and a picture of the drive shaft going to the front differential ,,,,you see how there is a universal joint at the transfer case that’s the new design,,,,the old design had a slip joint that slide into the transfer case. See how the flange is pulled out when the front driveshaft is bolted on. Here is the driveshaft instillation position,,,the flange just pushes into the transfer case so you can install the front driveshaft .

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12 Responses to Front driveshaft design

  1. bimmer67 says:

    Andreas, I was wondering if you’ve seen any f25’s with leaking transfer cases and what was the cause? I have 2014 x3 N20 with 53k miles on it. Since it’s still under CPO till 12/19 I wanted to check undercarriage for any visible issues and found that my TC is pretty moist and also saw some motor oil seepage from the area where motor connects to the transmission. Not much but I really didn’t like it since oil pen gasket looked dry all around.
    Took it to my dealer and was told that CPO doesn’t cover seepage….. I’m really ………upset mildly talking. Possible N20 chain issues and now this crap at 53k is just…..
    I’d appreciate any suggestions, comments, etc. I do have a few pictures if you’d have time to look at.


  2. bimmer67 says:

    Sorry. I’m doing something wrong. How do you attach yours?


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