F33 convertible top inop.

 F33 convertible rear partition shelf inside the trunk,,,,customer said the convertible top won’t operate and he gets a check message saying the rear partition shelf is not down,,,the problem is that the partition shelf is down and it still didn’t work.,,,,I checked faults and it also said no partition shelf signal. Here is these sorrow the rear partition shelf,,,it is located on the right side,,,,when the partition shelf is in the down position it sits right on top of the sensor.this is the right side of the partition shelf,,,,,you can see something is missing,,,,the cover and locking spring are missing,,,,so this is the problem. Here is the new one ,,,,you can see a metal tab that when in the down position makes contact on top of the sensor saying shelf is in the down position and it’s ok to operate the top.

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5 Responses to F33 convertible top inop.

  1. Jorge E Cachon says:

    This exactly what is wrong with my car. The metal piece on the bottom is missing. Where can I purchase this piece?


  2. Fidel López says:

    Same just happened to me. Seems that the whole shelf is about $70 USD.. Not too pricey, but still just doesn’t make sense they doesn’t sell the plastic piece with the metal plate. I glued a tiny magnet to the shelf, till I find a better solution.

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