128 center arm rest

 Ok your probably wondering what’s going on here,,,,this is a 128 2013 with the center consul removed,,,I had to remove the center consul to replace the center arm rest assemble because the center storage compartment latch is broken,,,,you can’t just replace the latch you have to replace the whole center arm rest assemble. Here is the new center arm rest assemble. Here the whole center consul removed from the car. So you have to remove the gear shifter and boot,,,then pop off the wood trim,,,,just the half around the gear shifter comes off,,,,not the front ashtray just leave that alone,,,,under the wood trim is 2 10mm head bolts. This is a little side cover on the passengers side,,,,just pop this off and remove the screw behind it. Under the arm rest is another cover pop it off and remove 10mm head bolt,,,,also pop out the aux panel and unplug,,,I forgot about pictures for rear of center consul panel,,,just pop it off and remove the 2 10mm head nuts and also unplug cig lighter.,,,you will have to remove e-brake boot cover and put E-brake in service mode so the e-brake handle can be pulled up higher so you can remove the center consul. Ok this is a picture of the rear of the new arm rest,,,,there are 2 torque screws that have to removed so the arm rest will pull away from the center consul,,,,don’t remove the screw shown the screw will be where that hole is deep inside the arm rest.

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