G12 radiator blind flaps

 I know we are missing the front bumper and kidney grills,,,,I already removed them on this G12,,,,car came in with check engine light,,,,fault was radiator blind flaps not working,,,,since this was a new model car BMW didn’t have a test plan for this problem,,,,also no repair instructions on this,,,,so I was on my own to tear this car apart. Not o get off the subject but you see those 2 white canvas straps going around the front of the car,,,those straps are there to help with a 45 degree front end accident,,,,it’s there to keep all the front end piece together and not fly apart during a front accident at 45 degree. So here he new front radiator blinds,,,this is the back side with the motor in the center. When replacing the radiator blind flaps you also have to replace the lower radiator blind flaps at the same time,,,,because they work together and because parts department said they are sold in pairs. Here you can see the motor linked to the blind flaps,,,,this motor is activated due to temp and or a/c settings,,,,when a/c is on the flaps open up. Here’s a better picture of the flaps connected to the motor and all the other flaps linked together ,,,all this for emissions just to help heat up the engine faster.

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2 Responses to G12 radiator blind flaps

  1. bmwfan says:

    Good work man! I was just wondering. On a job like this when even BMW does not have any procedures or test plan on repair. How many hours do they pay you?


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