X5 front driveshaft recall

 Just came into the shop just in time,,,,X5 front driveshaft recall replacement,,,the interesting thing there as no noise while driving . Here some more dirty pictures of my fingers,,,lol. Here you can see the side of the u-joint starting to exit out the side. The other side just has a small hole,,,,thank goodness he came in when he did,,,,because I have seen the driveshaft let loose and put a hole in the transmission.

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8 Responses to X5 front driveshaft recall

  1. mickey says:

    I had this break on me while i was taking off from a red light, it snapped and smashed the transmission pan and dented the exhaust pipes good this was BMW replaced it all at no cost. A month later i had the transfer case issue that was jerking and making noise at parking lot speeds. I had the transfer case rebuilt at a transmission shop (they replaced the chain and bushings etc inside it) now i am getting a hard rummble noise when i take off from a stop at 15mph to 20mph the RPM is about 1700 to 1900 if i let go of the gas or go easy on the gas it stops, however i do notice the car vibrates a lot at normal speeds also. Its a 2011 X5.0 N63.I have ordered the Front left CV joint and both front Wheel bearings. Will replace them once i get my E60 fixed (cant have both cars down in the garage). Wht do you think could be causing the hard rumble at these speeds. I think the flex bushing and rear (main drive shaft could be the issue) but not sure.


    • It really hard to say,,,,it sounds like the problem started after the transfer case was rebuilt,,,,question did they replace the VTG motor at the same time and did they recalibrate the VTG motor,,,,you could disconnect the 2 plugs at the VTG motor on the transfer case and test drive and see if the problem goes away,,,,the 4×4 light will come on don’t worry I just to element something and see if it goes away


      • mickey says:

        no the VTG was not replaced and it was not recalibrated either, i will jack it up tomorrow and disconnect the VTG unit and test. Will update tomorrow.


      • mickey says:

        Update: There was only 1 connector on my ATC450 i loosened the heat shields and moved them out of the way to get my wrist in the gap and disconnect the connector.I used the endoscope to look in there to check for another connector but could not see any, lowered the car and drove it around the block and the rumble is still there./Users/Mickey/Downloads/20180609_131910.jpg


      • That’s ok I just wanted to element the transfer case as the problem,,,nothing really comes to mind on what the problem could be without driving the car.


      • Mickey says:

        I am leaning towards a unbalanced drive shaft of the flex bushings not aligned. Ill make an appointment with a transmission shop to verify as its way to tought to do this with a jack and jack stands. Ill keep you updated as hopefully it can help someone else.


      • Hey here’s a idea if you can look at the flex disc at the transfer case,,,,now on the side of the flex disc there are like little arrows that should point to the driveshaft flange bolt and the other arrows should point to the transfer case flange if they don’t that could be a problem,,,,let me know what happens


      • mickey says:

        Ok i will check it out and update


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