VTG motor rebuilt

 Ok all you X drive owners,,,,you all probably know what this is,,,,it’s a VTG motor that bolts on to the 4×4 transfer case,,,,well BMW now have a rebuilt it only for some models,,,,early x3 and x5 models. Here all the parts in the kit which are needed,,,this is pretty simple and straight forward repair. Here I already pried off the metal plate cover with the built in seal,,,,you can see it stating on the side,,,,to remove the cover there are some metal that was rolled over to secure the cover in place,,,you just take a small punch and push the metal back and then use a small pocket rew drive and remove the metal cover,,,then unbolt the motor with the worm gear,,,,don’t worry about any bushes for the motor,,,they are held in place. Sorry I found another picture,,,you drill a small hole though the plate and then take some pliers and pull off the plate. Ok now we are inside,,,,remove the C clip can be a pain,,,use a small pick or pocket screw drive,,,,the kit come with a new one don’t worry about damaging the old one.  Gear removed and bolted motor back on,,,put some grease on the worm gear. Here the damaged gear all stripped out. The gear set on the right side is the new ones put together,,,,the two on the left are the old one taken apart,,,,now just put it all back together in reverse order,,,,,when putting on the metal cover with the seal built on,,,,you can put some silicone on it to help seal it in place,,,,you might have to press the cover back on so it snaps back into place,,,a vise will also work,,,,you you put the rebuilt VTG motor back on you will have to reset the VTG motor setting.

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5 Responses to VTG motor rebuilt

  1. rene says:

    what’s part number on new kit?


  2. lasemedics says:

    do you know if this applies for x6 too? do you have a blog for x6?


    • I don’t know if the VTG motor rebuilt pertains to the X6 it might,,,,all my blog stuff is just lumped together ,,,stuff for X5 is kind of the same as a X6 engine and trans and suspension,,,,it’s just a different body.


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