old school steering angle sensor

 Sorry the pictures kind of suck under the dash,,,,this is a picture of the old and one of the first steering angle sensors on a X3,,,,it’s that little black box which the steering column shaft goes though.,,,,you have to remove that white plastic ring from that washer. This picture is from under the car next to the fire wall,,,,this is where the steering shaft comes out,,,,you have to unbolt that universal joint. You will have to unbolt the brake pedal switch and bracket ,,,,that will give you more room to work and to remove the steering angle sensor. Here I have pulled the steering shaft into the steering column ,,,,you can see the white plastic ring and washer slide down the shaft,,,,now you see that big plastic white sleeve,,,,you have to also remove that,,,,maybe use some pliers to pull off,,,,but don’t damage the the plastic whith the plier teeth digging into the plastic sleeve. Here you can see me now pulling the steering angle sensor,,,,I know the pictures suck,,,,but on the steering angle sensor there is a centering pin that sensor has to line up on when replacing,,,,also there are some plastic tabs that have to be squeezed to release the sensor,,,and those plastic tabs have to be aligned with the new steering angle sensor,,,,I wish I could get pictures buts it hard upside down and backwards,,,,lol,,,,,this is not a fun job on you back the hole time,,,,once you are done you still have to program the sensor and calibrate the sensor.

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  1. JChristophe says:

    thank you very much for your tutorial

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