CON controller replacement

 Time to replace the CON controller with touch pad,,,X5 this is not your typical just pry and lift out the wood panels. You have to take off both side panels to gain access to hidden screws which hold the wood grain panel in place. Once you have the screws removed on the drivers side then you can lift up the wood panel to find some more hidden screws. The screw from the previous and this hidden screw is to remove the leather panel where the controller is in. Once you have these screws out now you can lift out the leather panel for the controller,,,,but you have to unhook it from the front by the cup holders,,,,you actually have to push the panel down to release this hook. Now you have this whole panel remove,,,,now you can unbolt the controller from the bottom. Now when you get the new one it fits other cars,,,,it comes with that plastic trim on the controller,,,but on this vehicle you don’t need it,,,,so you have to snap it off the new controller so it fits,,,then you have to program and encode the controller to the vehicle.

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2 Responses to CON controller replacement

  1. A1 f02 says:

    so these controllers are not PnP the older 10 pin?


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