F15 X5 steering column squeeking

 Ok I jumped the gun and already took off the steering wheel,airbag and turn signal clock spring assemble,,,,F15 steering column squeeking  when adjusting up or down,,,,I first tried to lube the plastic guide rails but that didn’t work ,,,,so the next fix is to replace the steering column. This is a pretty basic steering column,,,,the coupler under the dash by the brake pedal has to be removed. Then there are 4 bolts holding the steering column in place,,,2 on top by the steering wheel and 2 down below by the brake pedal ,,,,just unbolt and only 1 electrical plug to disconnect,,,,then you just pull the steering column straight out from under the dash. Here the shines new steering column ,,,,that should not squeek. Here you can see the 2 worm gear motors to move the column up or down and in and out,,,,once you replace the steering column,,,,you have to calibrate steering angle sensor and then you have to calibrate the steering column,,,,yes that’s correct calibrate steering column so it knows what position it is at.

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