F30 flex disc recall

 Ok I know it’s been awhile since I posted something,,,just had some family stuff to take care of,,,and now I have some health issues to take care of,,,so be patient everything should be back to normal soon,,,,this is a picture of flex disc at transmission on a F30,,,,some of you guys might have a recall about this flex disc,,,,I guess this metal flex disc cracks and comes apart,,,,I haven’t seen that yet,,,,if I do I will post pictures. This is the new flex disc,,,we have gone back to the old reliable rubber flex disc,,,,old school. Ok this is for anyone replacing a flex disc,,,these marks on the side of the flex disc look like little arrows,,,,the arrow has to point toward the transmission flange or the driveshaft flange,,,if you don’t the flex disc will get damaged. Here’s the new one installed.



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2 Responses to F30 flex disc recall

  1. bavrider says:

    What are the symptoms of cracked flex discs? Is there a SIB or recall notice, and if so, is it on all F30, or just specific range of production dates?


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