N63 rear crank seal and rear coolant cover plate

 So I started this job and forgot to take pictures before I started,,,this is a N63  the rear seal and rear coolant plate have already been removed,,,,we have found out the rear crank seal and rear coolant cover start to leak,,,,so BMW has us replace both at the same time.  Here is the old and new coolant cover side by side,,,,the new one is nice and shiny billet aluminum piece,,,,you can also noticed the seal on the coolant plate is different. Here the other side of the coolant plate cover,,,,what a nice piece look like it made to fit a hot rod,,,,I think this is the first time for a billet piece of aluminum on a BMW ,,,,,,lol. Here the new coolant plate cover is replaced and the rear crank seal is being replaced,,,you might notice the plastic cap over the rear crank seal,,,that plastic cap comes with the new seal,,,,this plastic cap helps you install the rear seal so you don’t damage the seal during replacement.

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18 Responses to N63 rear crank seal and rear coolant cover plate

  1. rene says:

    is the coolant plate made by AGA ?


  2. BMWSanDiego says:

    Thanks for the posting. Is there a good way to check this leak? Is it obvious from underbody after removing the cover? It must be a big job as you had to take the engine down?


    • The oil leak is seen from the transmission bell housing,,,,you have to remove the transmission for the repairs


      • BMWSanDiego says:

        I finally got this problem as exactly you described. I found the oil leak from the transmission housing in the back. I thought it’s a upper oil pan leaking but turned to be the rear main seal leak. They found it with the scope. It seems that they also replaced coolant plate as well from their repair order. One quick question is that did they just have to refill all the liquid(the engine oil, transmission fluid and the coolant) or totally drain and change?


      • The engine and trans oil you don’t drain just topped off the fluid that you loose,,,,the coolant is drained and replaced with new coolant.


    • BMWSanDiego says:

      Thanks a lot for the reply! By the way, I feel the shake from the steering wheel and the seat on ‘D’ mode on traffic stop. It seems that it’s better(or fine) when it’s neutral position. I haven’t felt this vibration before but just after this repair. I doubt they would diagnose this for me though as the vibration is not really noticeable clearly. It’s like the one only the owner could feel the difference. Probably my butt is to sensitive.


  3. Young Sandwich says:

    Did BMW ever say why they saw the need to make an updated plate?


  4. A1 F02 says:

    Is this the latest problem with the n63 ? I have a mysterious coolant leak that cause my expansion tank to explode (come apart ), replaces it with a new one and it still draining coolant faster than I can pull out of a proof spot but it’s. I signs of leak on the floor, so I look inside my oil cap today mind you the car was cold and I saw a bit of gunk (google search of images looks like what oil + antifreeze looks like) but I was so stressed out I didn’t bother to check after I warmed the car up if it changed but I get no faults except the other when I tried to move it wouldn’t start because it was saying the engine temp high and coolant low so it wouldn’t allow me to start the car. Back to the gunk I have been putting sea foam in my oil for a few months (maybe I fu*cked his engine up a long time ago) oh by the way thanks for the vanos solenoid help a couple months ago easy fix. Any tips for my coolant problem I’ve change the Y connection already (months ago) but I will check it again to see if it’s worn already.


    • Ok I’m worried that the expansion tank exploded ,,,what did the coolant look like,,,,did the coolant look like oil was mixing with it,,,,you said the inside of the oil cap looks like sludge,,,,,does it look like baby diarrhea if it does that is where your coolant is going and that s why your expansion tank exploded,,,,,you should drain the oil and see if any water is in the oil,,,,if there is coolant and oil mix,,,I’m sorry to say you have a big problem,,,maybe headgasket bad or cylinder head cracked,,,,,good luck


  5. A1 F02 says:

    No oil in coolant, so drain the oil from the bottom plug and look for water ? Wouldn’t I get a error or some type of weird driving if head was cracked. Are these things that can be fixed from on top of or needs to be on a lift and I should probably let a shop handle it ?


    • Yes drain oil from lower drain plug and look for water,,,no you wouldn’t get and weird faults or driving problems,,,,yes you should have a shop look at it,,,,this is going to get expensive


      • A1 f02 says:

        took it to a notable shop. they recommended changing the engine. warranty company sends inspector, he sees no faults in the system opens oil cap and say yup change the engine. Now I’m sitting in limbo waiting for a answer from the warranty company.
        any advice ?


      • Let’s hope the warranty company takes care of the problem,,,here’s some good news the N63 engines are cheaper from the BMW dealer because BMW knows the engine has problems


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