I8 valvetronic motor

   Ok here’s the battery tray for a I8,,,,,pretty easy goes down  the center of the car right where the driveshaft would be on a normal car. Here you can see the tunnel under the car where the battery tray box goes.  We had to drop the battery box tray and the engine because of a check engine light on,,,the fault was valvetronic motor faulty,,,,the only way to get to it was to remove the battery box tray and engine.  Once the engine was down now we had to loose and pull back the intake manifold. Now you can see the valvetronic motor coming out the side of the cylinder head.

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2 Responses to I8 valvetronic motor

  1. James says:

    Wow! So it’s safe to assume that the engineers thought the Valvetronic motor was bulletproof enough to never require replacement during the life of the car? Are the i3s as difficult to repair as the i8? I surely would hope not.


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