G12 service action updates

 I know just a another stupid t-stat,,,,but this is special,,,,it’s for the new service action on a new G12 750,,,,there are 4 new service actions at the same time. Here are the new exhaust turbo coolant hoses that will be replaced. Here are both the turbo wastegate that will be replaced,,,,,and programming the vehicle with a new software update for the new waste gates,,,,,,and the 4 th thing is a updated oil service depending on mileage. Here the t-stat which we gain access from underneath the car. Here you can see the new turbo coolant hoses are replaced with numbers on them so you can tell which hose is leaking,,,,next to them is one of the turbo waste gates. Here the over head shot of the new G12 engine lay out,,,,a better look at the turbo coolant hoses and oth turbo waste gates. Here’s good news for some of you guys,,,,BMW changed the bad design on some of the hoses,,,,the installed metal clips you lift up,,,,you can see it on the vent valve and the turbo charge pipe,,,,so no more plastic clips that always break.

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15 Responses to G12 service action updates

  1. Simon says:

    Unfortunately the coolant hoses for the old N63B44 engine were not overhauled. That means if the hose is faulty the turbos must be unmounted to install the new hoses because it comes with the metall pipe on it. 😦 Same thing with the crankcase ventilation pipes….


  2. Simon says:

    Now you made me very curious 🙂 Can you please explain which special tool you are using to unbolt the colant lines on the turbo without plug out the turbo charger? Thank you very much!


  3. Mahmoud says:

    I have the same problem on my bmw G12 750Li, I asked BMW Tunisia about that update, they told me we are not aware about it, please give us the action update reference or number.

    They only have an update of the DME firmware, they dont know about the T stat, wastegates and hoses.


  4. Marv says:

    Hey thank you for providing the most info on this situation online that I can find. Now here’s my question as I’m going thru this problem as of now, is there anywhere I can just buy the hoses numbered 1 & 2 on the turbo coolant hose pic you posted?? Because I see where mine is cracked or loose but I don’t think I have to buy the whole line, being it’s just the rubber part that’s bad or maybe even the clamp might be loose. Would I be able to put another clamp on them or do I have to buy the whole line with that Y part. Thanks for hearing me out I know I probably did not do great at explaining this but hey any info you give me I will take.

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    • No problem I understood what you meant,,,you can buy the hoses from the dealer with the special hose clamps but you need special tool for the hose clamps,,,,it should come in a kit form with all 4 hoses and clamps.


  5. kmack3131 says:

    Great site, thanks for sharing! I’m interested to hear your thoughts on the reliability of the N63R engine in the 2017 750i xdrive? I am looking at a CPO of the 750 and they had their oil coolant lines replaced a few yrs ago – anything else I should look out for? Many thanks and stay safe!


    • The N63R are a better engine,,,but we still have some problems with injectors, vans units and expensive oil leaks from upper oil pan gasket to turbo oil lines and return oil line,,,,myself I would stay away from those engines,,,,what about a 7 series with the 6 cylinder?


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