N20 and N26 timing chain parts list

 Ok some of you have been asking about what parts are needed to replace the timing chain and oil pump chain list,,,,here is a parts list for the N20 and N26 engine,,,you still might need some more parts like valve cover gasket and oil pan gasket.,,,I hope this helps

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37 Responses to N20 and N26 timing chain parts list

  1. Slack says:


    My n20 I at the dealer now at 30k miles getting all those parts plus a couple more like oil pump and more. I heard a whine through the rpm ranges, dropped my car off, a field service tech replicated the noises only on cold start. Received a phone call they will be replacing it all. Will know more by the end of the week but I would have never known without your page please keep going and thank you.


  2. slack says:

    So funny thing they replaced all the parts and they said the noise is still there so they are having a another field engineer or some tech guy look at it along with the puma case i imagine.

    What could it be ? its a generic question to ask, i know.


  3. John says:

    I am having the noise also. BMW dealership said the whine noise is coming from the oil pump and they quoted to replace the pump. Car is out of warranty so on my dime.

    Is it possible to solely replace the chain in the pump rather than the entire oil pump?


    • Yes you can,,,,you can replace the oil pump separately ,,,,but if you want to replace just the oil pump chain or the timing chain you might as well replace everything because you will have to remove everything to get to the timing chain and oil pump chain anyways.,,,then you are only paying for the parts and some labor.


  4. slack says:

    so they ended up replacing all the above and the oil pump, car was returned in good working order, no whine and better power band it seems

    Please keep up the work on here Tech i always check your page to see new things. THANK YOU !!.


  5. John says:

    So the seller dealer had his independent shop look at the vehicle and he agreed that the issues were the timing chain, guide, oil pump, tensioner etc. all was replaced according to seller. Seller drove the car for about 100km with no issues.

    I drove the vehicle about 125 km home from seller. I woke up this morning to drive to work and upon start I got the drivechain malfunction error while vehicle was in park in the driveway. Shut the car off and tried to restart the vehicle and it won’t start. Says “drivetrain : vehicle cannot be restarted”. I am hoping that this is a failsafe to stop engine failure. Can you shed some light on what I can expect. Vehicle was towed to dealer today


  6. John says:

    An oil change was completed by the seller’s independent as part of the work.

    I will update once I hear from the BMW dealer


  7. John says:

    Ok heard from the BMW dealership. They are saying the problem is the valvetronic motor failed. After repair, oil change is needed as the engine was sending fuel into the engine and contaminated the oil.

    The dealer stated that this failure is unrelated to the recent timing chain/oil pump repairs that were completed 3 days earlier. Is this true? i find i hard to believe that this could just occur so soon after the engine work.


    • The valvetronic motor has nothing to do with the timing chain,,,the valvetronic is separate from the timing chain repairs.


      • John says:

        Would a failed valvetronic cause fuel to enter the engine and mix with the oil?

        Dealer said this occcurred and an oil change is required.


      • No a valvetronic would not cause fuel flooding,,,the valvetronic operates the valve lift has nothing to do with fuel,,,,sounds like maybe they screwed up and they are trying to cover something up.


      • John says:

        What could be the cause of the fuel flooding? Could it be related to the timing chain/oil pump repairs?

        I’m so frustrated. Have had the car for 30 days and already had to replace timing chain, rails, oil pump, tensioner, valvetronic motor and now potentially something else. Car was purchased from a used car dealer but was a 1 owner lease prior to this directly from BMW. I am going broke on this vehicle.


      • Sorry to hear about this,,,,the fuel flood probably fuel injectors


  8. John says:

    Oh and the turbo feed line was also replaced due to smoking on start up


  9. John says:

    The dealer is saying that the flooded engine was caused by the multiple failed start attempts by the dealer to start the car after it was towed there. Can that be the cause of the flooding?


  10. John says:

    Got the car repaired today. Plugs were fuel soaked. They cleaned and dried Plugs. Compression was low. Valvetronic actuator would not move thru full range. Valvetronic sensor and line disconnection faults present. Performed leakdown test. Excessive air leakage present past piston rings. They replaced valvetronic motor and parts changed were actuator and a gasket set. Car drives again. Hopefully this is the end of this nightmare. Does the above sound like they solved the problem?

    Still concerned with their comments that plugs and cylinders fuel soaked due to repeated start attempts


  11. Ohio Jon says:

    When replacing the timing chain are you lowering the cross-member to remove the oil pan? Is it possible to lift the engine enough to remove the pan without lowering the cross-member on a 2012 328i, manual, rear wheel drive?


  12. Mark Kamner says:

    Are there special tools required to replace timing chain, guides, oil pump, and oil pump chain?

    Thanks for your time.


  13. Citizen Mazzz says:


    Thank you for posting the image of the parts for the N20 timing chain. Just some questions.

    1. What is the Chain Drive ?
    2. Sprocket ?
    3. Chain Tensioner and Gasket Ring ? But there seems to be another Chain Tensioner on top ?

    Also -> 3. Engine Oil Filter Kit – > therefore we also have to drain/replace the engine oil ?

    4. Do we have to change the oil pump chain and the oil pump as well ?


    • The chain drive is for the oil pump chain kit,,,,sprocket is for the lower chain sprocket,,,,tensioner for the oil pump chain,,,,yes replace the oil and filter


    • You change the oil pump drive chain,,,not the oil pump


      • CitizenMazzz says:

        Ahaa … So the Oil Pump -> We keep ?
        Just change the Oil Pump Chain ?

        So the Full List will be;
        1. Oil Pump Chain ( Chain Drive )
        2. Timing Chain
        3. Timing Chain Tensioner
        4. Timing Chain Tensioner + Gasket Ring
        5. Timing Chain Guide Rail
        6. Sprocket – Lower Timing Chain Area ?
        7. Collar Screw ?
        8. Engine Oil Filter
        9. Engine Oil Drain / Replace

        XX1. Valve Cover Gasket – Not Needed ?
        XX2. Oil Pump – Not Needed ?
        XX3. Water Pump – Not Needed ?

        Note my F30 328i 2012 is at approx 100k km.


      • Yes keep the oil pump,,,,replace timing chain and oil pump chain,,,,no waterpump,,,,you will need valve cover gasket


      • CitizenMazzz says:

        Thanks !


      • CitizenMazzz says:

        Regarding the Oil Pump – What is the lifespan ? I am 100k kilometres …If it fails, is there a warning light ?
        Will failing of the oil pump be a catastrophic failure too ?
        I understand that the water pump failure gives a warning message in the dashboard but unsure if we get the same warning for an Oil Pump.


  14. CitizenMazzz says:

    Thanks ! There is no reply link … So i am doing it here.


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