N20 engine mount

 I hope everyone had a safe July 4,,,,here’s  a picture of N20 engine mounts from a F10,,,,the problem was the customer said the car was running rough,,,,the rough running got worse when you shifted it back into park,,,,in drive you could still notice it but not as bad when it was in park,,,,I checked out the engine mounts and found the passengers side mount was collapsed,,,,you can see the new mount on the left side is taller then the old one. Here the new engine mount is installed,,,,you can see a gap between the engine mount and mount support bracket,,,,you can see the 4 black marks where the old collapsed engine mount was hitting the mount support bracket,,,,can you do this repair at home yes you can,,,,when replacing the passengers side you have to support the engine and remove the engine support bracket at the same time,,,,,,the drivers side is a lot harder to replace .

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