X1 F48 side mirror

. Ok bran new X1 F48 side mirror was damaged by the customer,,,,so this is a new door panel for me,,,,the good news you don’t have to remove the whole door panel to remove the side mirror,,,,here you can see you pop off the little speaker tweeter and door lock switch together. Behind that cover is a hidden screw,,,,which you better remove or you will never be able to un lip the door panel.,,,once you remove this screw then you can pop off the left top corner of the door panel. I know repeat picture.,,,,Once you pop off the door panel from the top,,,,the triangle plastic trim cover which goes around the door frame just un lips off,,,,,there will be 3 torque screws that hold the side mirror on the door. Here the side mirror removed and the side mirror glass popped off all the same like old cars,,,,the bottom corner is the side camera,,,,if you ever have to remove the camera you will have to remove the whole side mirror anyway,,,,because you have to disable the side mirror covers and motor to gain access to remove the camera. You can see the camera removed and the back mirror cover is also removed,,,,if you replace the camera they have to be calibrated

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