F25 X3 stick shift

 I know just a stupid picture of a BMW ,,,,well this was somethings we don’t see in the States,,,,,F25 X3 stick shift with a N20 engine,,,,,this car was bought in Spain and shipped over to the States,,,,notice the cloth interior. Nothing different on the door panel just cloth,,,,no leather in this car,,,,ok now for driving this car,,,I’m a stick shift type of guy,,,,this car was fun and easy to drive in a stick,,,the clutch pedal and stick shift were so easy to operate ,,,,the N20 engine revved smoothly and effortlessly,,,the car had plenty of power,,,the main thing I noticed is the car was really quiet inside while driving,,,,this car is more quiet then a automatic trans car,,,,I really can’t explain it,,,,this car was quiet and a smooth and fun to drive.

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2 Responses to F25 X3 stick shift

  1. slack says:

    Now that is cool, i lived in Bavaria for many years so i have seen the different versions of this car and most others, i always wanted one of the 118i 4 door hatches from Germany tried to get one to bring back with me but ended up with a m235i 🙂

    Hope all is well


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