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F01 chassis malfunction

 So this is a picture of the air pump on a F01,,,,which is located behind the rear bumper between the 2 exhaust mufflers,,,customer said the chassis malfunction light came on,,,,I checked faults found faults for left rear EHC shock timed … Continue reading

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E70 rear harness damage

Ouch,,,,,,this is what could happen if you don’t listen to your BMW tech,,,,,lol,,,,,I told the customer his rear tires on a E70 steel was showing and declined rear tires,,,,,2 weeks later the left rear tire blow out and damaged the … Continue reading

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Instrument cluster F30

 Yea a beautiful instrument cluster,,,,big deal right,,,,it is when we are finding out that some of these instrument cluster are causing problems,,,,,this one came out of a F30,,,,the customer complained about battery warning light come on the I-drive when the … Continue reading

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Cool floor mat

 This was interesting,,,noticed this on a X6 M,,,,this car had a lot of aftermarket  custom parts,,,these floor mats where pretty cool I think,,,,,something different these custom floor mats completely covered the whole floor. Even the rear seating area was completely covered,,,I … Continue reading

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G30 road damage

 Not good news on a new G30 5 series,,,,,customer was driving on the freeway and ran over something causing some damage. It tore the lower bottom panel and then hit and pulled the 2 battery cables which run under the car … Continue reading

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F82 M4 rear wheel grinding

 This picture of  F82 M4 rear axle,,,the brake caliper and brake rotor are removed,,,,so all we see is the rear hub,parking brake shoes and backing plate,,,,the customer complaint about rear grind coming from rear wheels,,,,what happens is that little rocks … Continue reading

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BMW N20 turbo oil line bulletin

 Here is the other bulletin that you guys have been talking about,,,,this is a list of the extended warranty on the N20 turbo oil line ,,,,this is the list of cars that are covered,,,,hopefully your cars are covered.

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Timing chain BMW bulletin

 This Has been a big subject with everyone on my blog,,,,some of you guys have been asking about the bulletin about this repair,,,,so this is the BMW bulletin that us technicians work with,,,,I hope this helps some of you guys.

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