BMW N20 turbo oil line bulletin

 Here is the other bulletin that you guys have been talking about,,,,this is a list of the extended warranty on the N20 turbo oil line ,,,,this is the list of cars that are covered,,,,hopefully your cars are covered.

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23 Responses to BMW N20 turbo oil line bulletin

  1. Trevor says:

    I recently received a recall noticed for this problem. Coincidently, my car is showing a wastegate fault. Do you think I would be able to get the dealer to fix the wastegate issue under this recall? Can I make the argument that this flaw caused the turbo/wastegate to fail?


  2. Trevor Lodge says:

    Great info…is it worth repairing the wastgate vs replacing a new turbo? What’s the cost range for repairing the wastgate vs the cost of replacing a new turbo? I’m just thinking if they repair the wastgate then the turbo craps out 10k miles down the road. Is a bad wastgate an indication the turbo is about to die?


    • You have a good point,,,,I don’t know the price of the turbo or wastegate,,,,but I can tell you the new turbo comes with a new wastegate and the labor hours to replace a turbo is 5 hours


      • Trevor says:

        Thanks again for the feedback. I opted for a new turbo. I won’t incur any labor cost since they have to disassemble the turbo to fix the recall, I just have to pay for the cost of the new turbo. Do you know if I can rebuild the old turbo to serve as a backup?


      • You probably can have it rebuilt,,,,but I haven’t been able to find the parts to rebuild one yet,,,,I’m sure someone rebuilds them.


  3. colin says:

    So, it appears that BMW NA is not extending the warranty for any of the N20’s placed into X1 chassis. I am wondering if there is a difference in the install, or just in the total qty sold and then wealth of the owner that made them decide to just allow the extension for the 3 and 5 series’? I was quoted ~$5k to do the turbo and return line, only 10k miles out of warranty. Any thoughts or guidance??


    • The dealer can check and see if the problem is the turbo line or if the problem is the turbo,,,,,if the problem is the the turbo then you will replace the turbo oil feed line at the same time


  4. Benjamin says:

    Does this intentionally leave out the N26 due to a different design or is it assumed N20/N26 are interchangeable?


  5. Warren says:

    I can’t thank you enough. I just brought the car into the dealership and I think having this bulletin definitely helped. They are replacing my ’12 328i oil feed line under warranty even though the rest of the car is out of warranty.


  6. BMWFAN says:

    Hello BMWtechician! I am looking for a car for my mom, I’m thinking about buying a 2014 320i California version for her. Any problems with these car? Reliable? I want it to last at least 130,000 miles trouble free. Any input would be helpful thanks!


    • I would stay away from 2014,,,,,maybe go with a 2015 model year and a good extended warranty program so the car will be covered until 100k or what ever year it expires


      • BMWFAN says:

        I don’t plan on buying the extended warranty. What would you say are some of the issues that make you worry?


      • Working at a dealer we mostly see low mileage cars,,,,,usually once they get to 50k mile we don’t see them again,,,,,,so I personal don’t know what happens after that,,,,,I don’t know what problems you might have.


  7. BMWFAN says:

    Do you see any problems at all before 50k?


  8. Luis says:

    My 2013 X3 is throwing that white smoke at start up specially when it sits for a long time. According to the Vin # it was produced in 2012 so this bulletin should cover it. If i take it in to the dealership how would they tell if the problem is the turbo or the oil feed line? it looks like this bulletin only covers the oil feed line or does it cover the turbo as well? If they come back saying it’s the turbo, is there a way i can tell them to replace the oil feed line only (for free)? You have mentioned in another post that its about 50% chance is the oil feed line, i just done want them to tell me its the turbo($$$$) when it could very well be the oil feed line(free).


    • Luis says:

      edit from the last post “i just DONT want them to tell me its just the turbo($$$$) when it could very well be the oil feed line(free).”

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    • They should just replace the oil feed line to start with because they know it a problem and that it is covered under that bulletin.,,,I would tell them it smokes during cold start up when the car sits over night,,,,you can also video tape it on your I-phone and show the dealership that always helps


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