Instrument cluster F30

 Yea a beautiful instrument cluster,,,,big deal right,,,,it is when we are finding out that some of these instrument cluster are causing problems,,,,,this one came out of a F30,,,,the customer complained about battery warning light come on the I-drive when the car is off. What we are finding out that there is wake up line that keeps waking up  when the car falls asleep,,,,we are finding this fault Driver KL15 WUP,,,,which is KL 15 wake up line,,,,there are many wake up lines on this vehicle,,,,but we found out the wake up line from the instrument cluster is not shutting down,,,,,we have noticed this on several different vehicles like the F10,,,,it looks like we are having problems with instrument cluster right now.

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9 Responses to Instrument cluster F30

  1. James says:

    When I first got my 2014 320i, with less than 5,000 miles, the clock would not keep time. It was the strangest thing. Hours would pass, however, the clock would only advance a few minutes. It turns out a replacement cluster resolved the issue. With the clock presumably all in software, I still cannot figure out how exactly something like that could fail.


  2. Learner says:

    Hello, hope your OK. I get an Increased Battery Discharge when stationary fault message on our 320i (F30), it happens if the car isn’t driven between 1 and 2 days, what are the common causes and fixes to resolve it. I think something must be waking the car from sleep and causing the drain, many thanks.


    • I would first scan the vehicle and see what faults their are,,,,also if you can run a energy diagnostic test would also tell you if the car is being woken up,,,,,its a possibility that the instrument cluster is the problems would have to see what faults come up


      • Learner says:

        Thanks for the reply, I have seen a fault: Integrated Automatic Heating / Air conditioning – Blower output reduction due to power management, does this indicate the interior fan blower is faulty and could be causing the battery fault? Have you experienced any issues with the fans? I am thinking of getting an Oscilloscope test to check voltage drops over a long duration as the fault doesn’t happen straight away.


      • I have seen the interior blower motor cause problems,,,,,yes do a voltage drop if you can and then do a voltage drop with it disconnected


  3. playonpics says:

    I’m curious after reading this topic as if this could be similar issue with the Wife X1 2015. The vehicle in winter would go into limp mode due to the vehicle waking up many times and then not enough battery power to be charge up due to short commutes. However the dealership ended up saying it was due to a car starter. Very odd when my honda never had this issue, and we did over 140km drive one way and the vehicle remains in limp mode for the return trip.


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