E70 rear harness damage

Ouch,,,,,,this is what could happen if you don’t listen to your BMW tech,,,,,lol,,,,,I told the customer his rear tires on a E70 steel was showing and declined rear tires,,,,,2 weeks later the left rear tire blow out and damaged the wiring harness for the EHC shock ,wheel speed sensor,level sensor and the wheel well liner. Had to replace the left rear shock because the harness for shock were damaged,,,,you just have to remove the 3 nuts inside the rear storage compartment and the 1 lower shock bolt. Here the new shock comes complete,,,,when replacing this shock you have to encode it because it is a module,,,,,also you have to calibrate the ride height .

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4 Responses to E70 rear harness damage

  1. Bart says:

    Miser’s pay twice.


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