F01 chassis malfunction

 So this is a picture of the air pump on a F01,,,,which is located behind the rear bumper between the 2 exhaust mufflers,,,customer said the chassis malfunction light came on,,,,I checked faults found faults for left rear EHC shock timed control,,,,,,,I was able to activate the air pump,,,,so I knew the fuse,relay,and air pump were all ok,,,,,I checked the left rear EHC shock checked out ok and all connections were good. So during inspection I noticed someone had been at the rear of car already,,,,so I was checking all the lines for any damages or problems,,,,,do you guys see the problem in the picture,,,take at look at the blue and red air lines,,,,do you see it now. Here’s the problem,,,,the air line to the left rear EHC shock is pinched,,,,I talked to the customer and the car just came from the body shop from rear end repairs,,,,they took off the rear bumper and rear bumper support bracket for repairs and pinched the air line while putting the car back together,,,,,this as a waste of time for me,,,,no money made,,,,car going back to the body shop.

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3 Responses to F01 chassis malfunction

  1. BMWFAN says:

    Wait so you don’t get paid at all for diagnosing the problem?


  2. Nizar Kailani says:

    Nice . . .

    More f01 please

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