E93 bad day

 You know your having a bad day when your driving and you accicently run over something,,,,then your TPM sensor comes on and tells you have a flat tire,,,,and you know it was because of what you just ran over,,,,,so you think ok just a new tire,,,,,that would be the good thing in this case,,,,sorry but you need a new rim. And a new front subframe,,,,as you can see she hit the right side lower subframe and bent it,,,,,,there was also a crack in the subframe but I couldn’t get a good enough pic. Heres the shiny new front subframe,,,these are one of the easiest subframes to replace,,,,so this customers bad day just got worse,,,,tire and rim,,,front subframe some under panels and alignment and she was already to go.,,,,so next time you get a flat tire,,,,just hope this doesn’t happen to you.

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