F30 airbag new design

 Here we go again another stupid picture from a BMW tech,,,,,I know this is what it looks like behind the airbag on the steering wheel on a F30,,,,well here’s the stupid part,,,,BMW has decided to change the way the airbag come off on this model. Here you can see a 20 torq  driver  sticking though the hole behind the steering wheel,,,,you take the 20 torq driver and push up until you hit that stop,,,,once you hit that stop you have to feel for a spring clip that goes behind that stop the 20 torq is touching. This is the metal spring clip that you have to push away,,,,this clip spring is on the airbag on both sides,,,,you have to push the spring clip towards the center of the steering wheel,,,,this spring clip has a lot of pressure ,,,,I mean a lot I’m not kidding,,,you feel like your 20 torq driver is getting ready to break,,,,this is a bad design.

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3 Responses to F30 airbag new design

  1. I was working on a wrecked F30 and found it quite easy to disassemble the steering column cover and access the clips from the backside. This poke-a-hole in the wheel method is kinda crazy!


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