F15 X5 headlight

 I know you guys were wondering what happened to me,,,I haven’t posted anything for awhile,,,,I had to take my required vacation for 2 weeks or I would lose them,,,,so I’m back to work again,,,,here my new project customer said headlight malfunction light came on,,,,fault was corner light emergency reset?,,,,so I performed a AHL test and found the drivers headlight was moving stiffly,,,,so I removed the drivers headlight and used blue tape to save the paint. So here I the rear cover removed,,,this is the cover you would remove to replace the xenon bulb,,,,the reason I removed it so you can see the servomotor that moved the headlight. Here’s a closer picture,,,,this servomotor moves the headlight side by side and up and down,,,,the motor moves pretty fast,,,so when the headlight moves stiffly this is the problem,,,,on some headlight you can just replace this servomotor,,,,when replacing the headlight you must swap over the bulbs and modules.

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4 Responses to F15 X5 headlight

  1. Robert Freche says:

    Great pictures…Which way do you twist the HID bulb to remove? I figured out that there were no retention clips, but tried with some pressure twisting each way but wouldn’t budge, so I stopped as not to damage anything. Thanks in advance. Robert


  2. Rob says:

    I have a related question. I have completely replaced the left headlight on my 2013 X3 xDrive35i with a new active headlight xenon unit, same as what came from the factory, and only the turn signals work now. Do I only need to code the replacement unit using ESYS (I used all the old modules from the old unit on this new one), or do I need to use ISTA first “to teach in the driver module,” whatever that means? Thanks!


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