M5 clutch issue

 What a beautiful pressure plate on a M5,,,,well what left of it,,,,if you look close enough you will see me of the big metal rivets are missing on the pressure plate fingers,,,,also missing is a metal ring which gets locked down on the metal rivets. Well look what we found inside the transmission bell housing,,,,we found the metal ring and all the broken metal rivets from the pressure plate,,,,if you look at the transmission bell housing you will see some of the metal webbing broken off from all the metal bouncing around inside the bell housing,,,what we found out this was a new clutch and pressure plate was installed from a independent BMW repair shop,,,the customer complained that the new clutch was slipping,,,well the repair shop didn’t perform clutch teach-in procedure on the new clutch,,,,which caused all this damage,,,,the clutch was slipping this whole time and over heated and finally failed.

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3 Responses to M5 clutch issue

  1. Peter says:

    What is a clutch teach-in procedure for a dry clutch?
    And is there also a leakage in the clutch housing because of the wet areas


  2. The clutch is used to procure greater control of acceleration and engine braking,Once a car has picked up with high speed the clutch should be fully engaged (pedal released). If the clutch shows problems,then without no time one should repair it,as it is an important part related to brake.


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