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BMW emblem crooked

 Another stupid thing I saw,,,,I don’t know how this happens,,,the front hood has 2 centering pins for the emblem,,,,I know the car was hit in the front but I don’t recommend this body shop,,,,lol

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Turbo blade chip

 Here something we saw while replacing an N63 engine,,,,I was just removing the turbos and checked the propeller blades and noticed a chipped blade,,,the car had no faults or any turbo noises

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F15 X5 fuel door pot

 Ok I screwed up with the pictures order,,,,here I’m putting in a new fuel door pot which comes with a new fuel door actuator on a F15 X5 ,,,,when you replace the fuel door lock actuator you’re place the whole … Continue reading

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G30 new speaker options

 Here BMW new rear speaker options,,,,you get a 10 inch subwoofer and a amp screwed into the rear seat back,,,,covering the wiring is another options,,,,lol,,,,why didn’t the idiot just mount the amp onto the subwoofer box then the whole thing … Continue reading

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